Jiahui Wei, PhD student, October 2021 – September 2024, « Information Theory and Source/Channel Coding for Machine Learning », co-advised with Philippe Mary

Ismaila Salihou Adamou, PhD student, December 2021 – November 2024, « Design of multi-user communication systems for decision making », co-advised with Tadashi Matsumoto and Samir Saoudi

Jonathan Kern, PhD student, October 2019 – September 2022, « Energy-Efficient Machine-Learning Algorithms », co-advised with François Leduc-Primeau and Abdejdjalil Aïssa El Bey

Belaïd Hamoum, PhD student, « Error-correction codes for DNA storage », September 2019 – August 2022, co-advised with Laura Conde-Canencia


Alireza Tasdighi, Post-doctoral researcher, May 2020 – June 2022, « Deep Learning aided LDPC code and decoders design », co-advised with Raphaël Le Bidan

Mohamed Yaoumi, PhD student, November 2017 – December 2020, defense the 14th of December 2020, « Energy-Efficient LDPC codes and decoders », co-advised with François Leduc-Primeau and Frederic Guilloud, now post-doc at Orange Labs

Khaled Alhaj Ali, Post-doctoral researcher, April 2020 – December 2020, « Memristor-based in memory energy-efficient computing « , co-advised with Amer Baghdadi and Mathieu Léonardon

Fangping Ye, PhD student, November 2016 – December 2019, defense the 2nd of December 2019, « Source-coding based on LDPC codes for Massive Random Access », co-advised with Karine Amis, now senior engineer at Huawei

Mai Quyen Pham, Post-doctoral researcher, April 2018 – August 2019, « Graph optimization for Massive Random Access », co-advised with Thomas Maugey and Aline Roumy, now assistant professor at IMT Atlantique

Zeina Mheich, Post-doctoral fellow, February 2016 – August 2017, « Design of short-length non-binary LDPC codes », co-advised with Frederic Guilloud and Raphaël Le Bidan, now post-doctoral fellow at university of Surrey